New Zealand government support for business

According to Francois & Nelson (2014), government’s support is important to international trade, where great benefit has been brought to European Union.

This is also true in New Zealand. Mather (2014) reported a new about an organization called ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development), an organization is created by government. The purpose of this organization is to help New Zealand to attack more foreign investment. Mather mentions that Waikato regional councilors spend time on listening to the tips of success and benefits brought by ATEED to Auckland.

ATEED is a typical service organization. It is created and fully controlled by Auckland City Council. The purpose of this organization is to carry out communications, and marketing to support Auckland (ATEED, 2014). ATEED has a Business and Sector Development team that to:

  • Identify and build high-growth business
  • Ensure Auckland’s key business sectors could growth continuously
  • Provide support and help to innovation in Auckland
  • Attract more talents to Auckland (ATEED, 2014).

Solid evidence could prove ATEED’s success that the economics of Auckland has significant increase in the financial year of 2012-2013. There are $34 million New Zealand dollars direct foreign investments in Auckland and ATEED provide support and help to more than 100 companies in their supporting program (ATEED, 2013).

New Zealand government has many other similar organizations or departments for business support for international business, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is another typical example. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade could provide support on trade negotiations, overcome informal barriers, commercial information, political advice, and so on. In addition, this department is in charge of trade relations and agreement, which could enhance market access for international trade companies. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also establish particular strategies to cooperate with important international trade partners, e.g. China and India (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2015).

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3 thoughts on “New Zealand government support for business”

  1. detailly, in my opinion, the govt support could be more than that. however, based on the theory of govt support, it is a bridge and way to the overseas. the purpose is not only to improve the SMMEs capacities and gain profit, but also the govt can possesses benefit from it. Besides, the support can also enhance the good relationship between countries. ~~LOL

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  2. Have to say that government support is really important, but also the need in New Zealand is not so obvious, but in China, you want to cross-border trade, then you have to be good communication with the government.


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